Partnership Details

Beacon Pointe Wealth Advisors (BPWA) is a partnership between Beacon Pointe and successful wealth managers across the country to collectively move from success to significance. We’re a private partnership focused on creating synergies and value, while also providing a private market for your equity when you would like liquidity at fair market value.

Certainty to Your Future

With BPWA, you have:

  • A “Put” at Fair Market Value when you are ready in the future
  • A succession plan in place to take care of your clients and your employees

Enhanced Growth


  • Facilitates the transition of equity to the next generation
  • Creates certainty for the next generation of advisors
  • Provides all of the benefits of scale without the cost or risk to you

Leverage the back office and resources of one of the largest and most successful RIA’s in the country .

Resources for You and Your Team

Back Office Support



More Time to Focus on Clients



More Value to You



Marketing & Social Media Management



Financial Planning Team & Tools



Women’s Advisory Institute



AUM in above chart is for illustrative purposes only.