Beacon Pointe’s Mark Moehlman Joins WISE Advisory Board

Beacon Pointe’s Mark Moehlman Joins WISE Advisory Board

Beacon Pointe is pleased to announce that Mark Moehlman, Partner and Managing Director at Beacon Pointe Wealth Advisors Newport Beach, has joined the advisory board of Women Investing in Security and Education (WISE), a non-profit organization of the University of California, Irvine that aims to facilitate financial education for women in a friendly and supportive environment. Mark Moehlman is the first male representative to join the WISE Advisory Board.

WISE’s mission is to provide women with opportunities and expertise on financial matters. Their hope, as an organization, is to enable girls and women to acquire the skills and mindset to elevate their financial status, to network with other women with similar financial goals, and to secure their personal financial freedom.

Mark speaking to LIFEvest’s 2017 young men’s class

Mark’s longstanding interest in financial literary for women stems from his mother’s experience raising three children and managing family finances as a single parent after his father passed away.  Mark is the Founding Chair of the Center for Investment and Wealth Management (CIWM) of the UC Irvine Merage School of Business, which has recently gained national recognition for its advanced programs that aim to further our understanding of and successful practice in the field of wealth management. With the help of fellow CIWM members and volunteers, in 2011, Mark launched UCI’s LIFEvest: Financial Literacy Residential Program, a one-week on-campus program dedicated to educating underserved teens on life skills in money, investment management and other financial planning topics.

We congratulate Mark on his new volunteer role and wish him much success!

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