Take a Little Time Now to Make Tough Times Easier for Loved Ones

Take a Little Time Now to Make Tough Times Easier for Loved Ones

Everyone wants to minimize burdens that their family faces in a time of emergency, illness or death.   Minimizing these burdens is often the driving force in creating an estate plan, but does your family know where it is or if it’s the most recent version?  We frequently work with families after a family member becomes incapacitated or passes away and realized that one of the largest hurdles is simply locating key information and documents.  Ask yourself:

  • Does your spouse or children know where key documents such as record of assets, liabilities, and insurance are kept?
  • Would they know what accounts you have or where to find passwords to accounts you manage online?
  • In an emergency would your family have an easy time reaching out to those they need to contact such as relatives, doctors, business partners, accountants and attorneys?


Vital Family InfoYou wouldn’t want to wait until you have a toothache to see the dentist, so why not take a little time now to make a difficult time a bit easier on your family?   We have created the form for you to print out and fill in with your Vital Family Information.   We estimate that if you have your files, address book and computer nearby it would take about an hour or two for you to complete the form.

To download the PDF version of this form, please CLICK HERE.

Most clients choose to keep it in an envelope in their desk marked “Open in Case of Emergency” but the key point is letting those that would handle your emergency or death know where to find the document.  If you are trustee or executor for parents or siblings you might even ask them to complete the form so that you could best carry out their wishes.   We bet you’ll feel good knowing you made a difficult time easier on the ones you love.


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